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Bruise Update November 4, 2010

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Just because Keely says I should let people know “how it turned out…”


No baby yet, but we do have baby pigeons! May 3, 2010

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We’re still playing the waiting game.  We’re hoping it’ll be this week, as Keely’s parents are coming to town on Saturday.  Keely’s going to start doing jumping-jacks today…

I owe you all a picture of the 40-week pregnancy belly — I’ll try to get that today.

In the meantime, check out how ugly pigeons are when they hatch!

I think these guys are less than 3 days old at this point. It doesn't seem possible that they fit in the eggs!

They're starting to look more like birds now. Definitely still unattractive


38 weeks and counting April 23, 2010

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There’s nothing to report yet, but I didn’t want anyone thinking that inactivity on the blog meant that the baby had arrived.  We’re still waiting patiently, and certainly not in any hurry 🙂

As a side note, we’ve now got another family living with us, and they’re expecting, too!  Two pigeons have taken up residence on our porch, around a corner of our “laundry nook.”  It’s actually quite inconvenient to have them there, because they make all kinds of fuss when we have to do laundry.  For a few weeks, I would stand guard with a broom while Keely loaded the washing machine because the pigeons would try to attack us.  I just didn’t have the heart to get rid of the nest (well, Keely didn’t have the heart — I would have slept just fine afterward).

Here’s their home.  I have no idea how long pigeons’ gestational period is, but I’m hoping the eggs hatch the same day Keely gives birth to our little one.

Not much of a nest, but I guess they don't need a lot since it's got tile flooring


Picture of us February 22, 2010

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Here’s a picture of us last weekend outside of the Palm Plaza Hotel in Marrakech.

As an aside, Keely’s belly keeps growing! Updated picture to come.

Being goofy...


And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire… January 7, 2010

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Every once in a while I use something that makes me want to shake the hand of the person who invented it and personally thank them.  Whoever thought of the charcoal chimney is one smart cookie.  My improvised rendition of it worked marvelously.  We didn’t even burn the building down!

Check it out…

My fire-department-employed-brother-in-law is probably very nervous at this point...

Now those coals are ready for some grilling. Love it!

These marinated chicken legs can take the heat


Come on baby, light my fire January 6, 2010

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I tried to use our grill this week to make some dynamite teriyaki kabobs.  After spending a while (maybe 40 minutes) getting the coals to light, it was obvious that I wouldn’t actually be cooking them very quickly, so I had to abandon the grill for the broiler.  However, I do not go down without a fight.

Thus, I endeavored to build a homemade charcoal chimney.  It’s a little frankenstein-ish, but I’m pretty sure it’ll get the job done.  I really wanted to find some metal ducting, as that would have been easier to start with — alas, all I could find was sheet metal.  Oh well, function over form, right?   I’m curious as to how everyone else in this country lights their charcoal, since I haven’t seen any lighter fluid anywhere.

I’ll try to remember to report back on how it works tonight 🙂

Sheet metal and tin snips are a bad combination...

All-thread is handy stuff!

Do we really need a 3rd picture of this thing? Yes, yes we do.