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Remember us…?? May 28, 2013

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DSC_0095Probably not.

It’s been a loooooong time. Almost a year. (…Hm. Writing that is pretty embarrassing.) And a lot has changed since then–or, well, at least our kids have. Here’s proof (a picture of us a year ago–taken by my friend, Brianna Latta):


We have no excuses, so we’ll just skip that and fill you in on what you’ve missed and tell you some of what’s to come.

  • Last year this time, Kevin was offered a job at Grove City College (our alma mater), teaching in the Electrical Engineering department.
  • Last August, we moved to Grove City, PA, knowing we’d only be here for the year, as Kev would head to medical school this coming August (assuming he got in somewhere …which he did).
  • We settled in, met our neighbors, found a church, starting making some good friends, and thanked God for His awesome provision, on all fronts.
  • Throughout the Fall semester, Kev enjoyed teaching sophomore- and senior-level EE courses. He had to take days off here and there, in order to interview at various medical schools he’d applied to.
  • In early January, Rook got really sick and had to spend a few days at the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. We eventually got him stabilized and back home, where we, again, thanked God for His provision–good doctors and insurance!
  • At the end of January, Kevin heard that he’d been accepted at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA. TCMC is a newer school, and it has a lot of innovative approaches to training medical students–we were pumped to get in there! We started looking at real estate, as we knew it’d be at least 4 years in Scranton.
  • As the Spring semester progressed, Kevin continued to enjoy teaching, while Keely began to realize that our time with the people we’d met at GC College, in Bible Studies, through book club, at park playdates, etc was limited, and coming to a close! We began our mourning. …It’s sad to leave people and places, no matter how long you’ve known them!
  • Two weeks ago, we made an offer on a side-by-side duplex in Scranton–the plan is to live in one side of the house and to rent out the other for some “passive income” while in medical school. Our offer was accepted (eventually), and we again thanked God for His provision!
  • We close on the house and move out there on June 5th, not much more than a week from today!!
  • We have 2 separate weeks of family vacations in June, we plan to make a few improvements to our new home in July, and Kevin begins Orientation at TCMC the first week of August! Get ready, get set, go!! 🙂

Sorry to have been a non-presence here for almost a year… (anybody who’s still “out there,” checking this blog…). The plan for our next post is a picture-per-month visual update on life for the Normans this past year. And you can hope to see that soon, don’t worry–it’s one of the “packing break” projects for this week.

Anyways, thanks, faithful friends, for caring! If you think of it, drop us a line via comments to let us know you’re out there. 🙂


2 Responses to “Remember us…??”

  1. Nancy K Says:

    The next adventure begins! 🙂

  2. kara Says:

    Just read this! Nice to see a summary of the year!

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