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Baby Dos(a?) Update February 12, 2012

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As much as we had hoped to avoid being those parents, there’s no denying that we’re guilty of over-shooting Raelyn, as Baby #1, and under-shooting Baby #2. We’ve only got 3 more months to go with this little one in the cooker, and we’ve taken pictures of the baby & pregnancy a total of… 4 times. By this point in the journey with Raelyn, I’m pretty sure we had documented things to the point of our viewers’ nausea. …Whoops.

Anyways, in a very feeble attempt to remedy our lack of coverage so far, here are a few shots of our 20-week ultrasound pictures of Baby #2 (during which appointment we asked the technician to keep the gender a surprise). These were taken back in December, pre-Christmas. Why haven’t we posted them until now, you ask? Ummm …whoops, again?

Here s/he is, doing a little cheer for being cute even in utero.

Here’s one of his/her tools for torturing Mommy–the left foot (seen from the bottom). Who knew that such a little piece could cause such pain?

Below are a few shots of Baby from the outside. We took these just last week, so they’re a bit more relevant, I suppose.

I don’t usually look that tired, I don’t think. It was the end of a long day.

I just compared this to the picture/post we made around the same point in Raelyn’s pregnancy (Feb. 11th, 2010), and I’m definitely bigger this time around. 😦 Stink. The skin and muscles just seem thrilled to get back to such stretched positions–they jumped right to it this time. Good thing I know our baby will be worth it all. We love him/her already.


One Response to “Baby Dos(a?) Update”

  1. Joe Link Says:

    Count your blessings. I have a slightly distended belly, have two grown sons and I will never actually have a baby!

    Joe Link

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