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Life May 7, 2011

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We’ve been neglecting our duty to update again… Sorry. We have pictures from a trip we took out to the desert, but we still have to sort through those. For now, here are a few pictures of what Life’s had for us recently:

Raelyn decided she wants to run for Congress when she’s old enough.

We finally got a picture of this little owl that lives somewhere on campus here. It seems to be active during a lot of the day, which is backwards from what I’ve always learned about owls, but I’m glad, since that lets us catch glimpses of it here and there.

Raelyn tried to start collecting change for being cute.

Kevin started learning how to French braid, figuring he’d "have to know how to some day." Pretty good, for only his third attempt ever.

We tried to convince Raelyn she should wear a headband to keep her shaggy hair out of her eyes. This didn’t last very long.

And that’s all for now. Raelyn turns ONE tomorrow(!!!!), so we’ll be sure to take a few pictures of her eating cake…or something.

(post by Keely)


One Response to “Life”

  1. Heather D Says:

    Happy Birthday Raelyn!!
    I recognize that cute headband:) And I’m super impressed at Kevin’s hair skillz. Next it’s time to learn how to paint toenails.

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