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Raelyn’s Recent Activities April 8, 2011

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Just to give you an idea of life around these parts nowadays, here is a slideshow portraying some of Raelyn’s daily exercises in exploring and learning:

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Having a mobile baby is a lot of work! Shouldn’t I have a slimmer waistline to show for all the Raelyn-chasing I do? Maybe all the temperature-testing tastes of Raelyn’s fruits and veggies are replenishing my calorie count too quickly. Hmmm… no more mashed peas for me.


Such a sad face!

(post by keely)


One Response to “Raelyn’s Recent Activities”

  1. Meredith Cates Says:

    Such a sweet little girl. I love the that her hair is now long enough for the hair bows! I hope to see you in June at some point! Keep enjoying your little bundle of energy!

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