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Other (non-surfing) Agadir shots March 30, 2011

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Here are a few other shots of our time in Agadir a few weekends ago:

The place we stayed in was an apartment hotel, so we came prepared to cook our own meals, etc. We even brought coffee and filters, assuming the room would be complete with a coffee maker. However, the room did not come with a coffee maker, so we had to use our African resourcefulness and create one. The technique actually worked quite well!

This shot doesn’t really show it well, but Raelyn’s daytime crib set-up was another opportunity for us to get creative. It wedged perfectly between the wall and the end of the bed, the angles and pressure points being such that two of the four legs dangled in mid-air. Kevin’s response when I asked him if Raelyn’s crib fit in the bedroom area: "You’re not going to like it, but it works." True.

After she got used to it, Raelyn loved the feel of the sand on her feet as she practiced walking.

She did not, however, love, or even get used to, the waves. I thought they were fun…!

And… camels. Awesome. It’s hard to think of leaving a place where this is normal.


One Response to “Other (non-surfing) Agadir shots”

  1. juliamowens Says:

    I love your guys’ African resourcefulness. Awesome. Raelyn looks SO CUTE.

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