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Beauty from the Creator February 23, 2011

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For whatever reason, the combination of the weather here and the school’s location in relation to the ocean often produces rainbows that arch over our view of the horizon. It’s pretty easy to imagine that it’s God smiling on the school. Take a look at these shots from two separate occasions (one’s even a slight double rainbow)!

And this is one of the lovely evening sky tapestries we often get to see here.


2 Responses to “Beauty from the Creator”

  1. Sara Hill Says:

    Kevin & Keely, What a beautiful landscape!! I wish we could visit you in NA, but, alas, no $$.
    Can’t wait to hear what is in store for you next year. Love your blog!

    (p.s. I got about $12 worth of flowers from Austin for Valentine’s Day, and the bouquet was much smaller!!!)

  2. Heather D Says:

    Stunning! Thanks for the email update, good to hear that you all are well šŸ™‚

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