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Crawling! January 6, 2011

Filed under: Baby — kgnorman @ 6:49 PM

We’re in for trouble — Raelyn is getting more mobile by the day!  Check out video of her making forward progress.  She’s pretty much just army-crawling right now, but I’m guessing she’ll pop up on those knees soon!


4 Responses to “Crawling!”

  1. Emily Billmyre Says:

    Keely- did you just call your daughter a wounded seal? haha! YAY for Raelyn!!! Thought I’d try out this post thing :o)

  2. Bethany Says:

    Yah for Raelyn! I love that you guys had her go for the Experiencing God book. Hope you are settling back into life in Morocco. We miss you back here! love, Bethany

  3. Kelly Says:

    She’s so excited to ‘experience God’!

  4. Nancy Says:

    Thought bubbles I wish I could edit into this video: What are these things called knees? And how do I use them? Why is my daddy pulling the book away when I get it???

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