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Admiring the Creativity of the Creator July 15, 2010

Filed under: Life in NA — kgnorman @ 9:28 PM

We’ve had a few really nice days recently, which are ending in really nice sunsets over the ocean. It’s too beautiful to really capture, but I’m trying 🙂

This is the view from the school.

Sorry if these get repetitive and boring…

I like to think there’s a whale or something in the that spotlight dead-center.

And only one more, I promise!


One Response to “Admiring the Creativity of the Creator”

  1. exmeasententia. Says:

    Marhaba Kevin and Keeley! This is Dylan Sauers; Kevin you may remember me from GCC in Columbia, (guitar nerd, friday night band…) I stumbled upon this blog by chance, and have to say you’re photographs are beautiful. Funny you are in Morocco these days, I minored in Arabic down here at UT-Arlington. Beautiful country, beautiful language! Congratulations on your daughter too; she is beautiful. I hope life finds you well, and that you are enjoying being in the states for a bit! God bless your family!

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