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Baby Shower! April 19, 2010

Filed under: Baby,Pregnancy — kgnorman @ 12:05 PM

Our friends here threw Keely a baby shower a few Saturdays ago.  It was such a huge blessing and a bunch of fun for Keely!  They gave her all sorts of good advice and loads of helpful baby items.  There was even a surprise visitor via Skype — Keely’s mom got to “sit in” and offer some advice of her own.  What a fun time!  For those wondering what the dad-to-be did during the baby shower (no men allowed), I enjoyed a nice run and a beautiful Saturday morning.

Here are some pictures!

Keely talking with her mom via Skype. Technology is so great, don't you think?

That cake in the middle is made entirely of (unused) diapers. So creative! Lots of yummy treats, too!

Look at all the baby things! We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Now maybe we're ready to have a baby? Haha, yeah right...


One Response to “Baby Shower!”

  1. Julia Says:

    amazing! it looks like it was beautiful.

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