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Keely at 37 weeks April 16, 2010

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There won’t be too many more of these photos, so enjoy them while they last!   We’re within the 4 week mark of definitely having this baby — the doctor said he would induce on May 12th if it came to that.  He also said he didn’t think the baby would wait until then, either. 🙂  A few nights ago we sat for an hour staring at how the baby’s movements could be seen from the outside now.  It’s a whole new level of weird when you see a baby’s foot moving across your wife’s abdomen.  So cool.

Here’s my ever-beautiful wife, who will make an equally beautiful mom.

There's an alien inside her! Either that or a very small human...

Another picture, just because I can 🙂


3 Responses to “Keely at 37 weeks”

  1. Heather D Says:

    Well, I missed the bathing suit picture:) Keely, you are beautiful! Enjoy these last couple of weeks before the baby arrives! Love you!

  2. there’s a baby in there! can’t wait to finally see/meet this beautiful human in person. best of luck – can’t wait for updates. love you guys!

  3. Melissa Gibson Says:

    Keely! You look lovely! You are gonna be one cute mom! Its great that you had a baby shower there, looks like you got a lot of great things. When you are in the states this summer, I have you baby gift from when the girls threw you that party at the end of the year (the one i was sick and couldnt go!)

    can’t wait to see when baby Norman arrives! Love you both!

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