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Driver’s Ed pt 2 January 28, 2010

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Note:  running red lights at 6 AM is not the same as trying to catch a yellow light in rush hour with policemen watching…

I had a nice chat with Casablanca’s finest yesterday.  This is one situation where it helps to be an English-only speaker, as the officers are quick to become impatient trying to communicate in English (my Arabic is no where near able to argue about traffic violations).  The two men asked for my papers and managed to say “drive through red light” and “ticket 4oo dH” ($50 in USA).  I told them that I saw a yellow light and was very sorry.  They were insistent that I pay the 400 dH ticket to them in cash on the spot (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — bribes are commonplace here).  If I spoke more Arabic or French they would have probably continued arguing and lowering their “price” until I got sick of waiting and paid the bribe.  I continued to ask for the written ticket (which they don’t like to write because it means more work for them), stating that if I ran the red light I’ll happily accept my punishment.  Luckily, they asked where I work — upon hearing the name of the school, they gave me back my papers and sent me on my way!  Needless to say it is extremely convenient to work for such a reputable institution.

Here’s a picture (from Google image search) of a couple Moroccan officers:

I've heard that many carry guns with no bullets. I believe it.


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