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Driver’s Ed January 21, 2010

Filed under: Language,Life in NA — kgnorman @ 11:19 AM

Not one of my pictures.

Confession — I ran 5 red lights on the way to work today.  Yes, 5, FIVE.  Of the 7 lights I encounter on the 10 km route from our apartment to the school, I went through 5 of them when the light was red.

Now before you judge me, I should tell you that my behavior is more the rule than the exception.  When you’re driving down empty streets and watching all the other drivers ignoring red lights, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain your resolve to follow the letter of the law.  The judgement you feel in your heart may actually be jealousy because you know you’ll never experience the excitement of free-for-all traffic conditions.  Dodging mopeds, buses, cattle, and sheep keeps you on your toes and provide a real adrenaline rush! (Note: none of the previously listed obstacles are present during red-lights-are-optional hours)

Here’s my standing offer: if you come visit us, I’ll happily let you drive our car through a dozen red lights.


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