The Normans in North America!

Still Living the Adventure

More Biking Pictures October 28, 2009

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Just because I can…video still to come.

Just about to take a swim in the lake...

The terrain was nice to look at; not so nice for riding bikes

Our steeds -- Mine is in the foreground, the KTM.  It worked great!


One Response to “More Biking Pictures”

  1. Joni Hartman Says:

    Hi, Kevin and Keely, I’m just getting caught up with what’s happening in your lives, new country, new car, new language, new friends, new BABY…Seriously, congratulations, and I’m so glad to hear that everything is going so well. It looks like an amazing place, and I’m sure you will have some unforgettable times there.
    Fall here now, and beautiful trees, blue skies, and a few rainy days. Things are moving along at church. We spoke with James, the new country director for AOET, and he laid out some great plans that they have for the future of the organization. As always, we’re keeping our hands in the music, too. Hoping for God’s best in all things. I will look more regularly for your posts in the future. Love to you both and the little one, Joni Hartman

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